09Apr, 2017

GENT by Honeywell

With extensively patented technology S-QUAD improves both the speed and integrity of fire detection whilst reducing false alarms. This advanced sensing technology is integrated in one device with certified voice enhanced alarm sounder and EN54-23 visual alarms making S-Quad a truly unique device.

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Life Safety First

  • Intelligent smoke, heat and CO gas sensing technology for early detection of fires
  • Voice messaging ensures quicker and safer evacuation in the event of a fire
  • Fully complies with the EN54-23 standard for Visual Alarm Devices (VADs)

Put an end to False Alarms

  • Combined power of S-Quad and the Vigilon panel provides quick, intelligent decisions minimising false alarms
  • The patented dual angle optical chamber within the S-Quad sensor clearly distinguishes between smoke, steam and dust particles
  • Programmable sensor ‘states’ for different times during the day and night improves response to real fires and reduces instances of false alarms
  • Combined CO gas, smoke and heat sensing further minimises false alarms

Save Time and Money

  • Four functionalities all in ONE sensor
  • Supported on the same two wires (loop) within the Vigilon system thereby reducing installation cost
  • Increased loop alarm load capable of powering 200 sensor-sounders or 100 sensor-sounder VADs
  • Fast and simple to install
  • ‘SAFE’ (Soft Addressed Firmware Encoded) addressing and ‘soft’ addressing does not require manual setting of switches in either the head or base

Setting New Industry Standards

  • Cutting edge technology building on the reliable analogue addressable Vigilon platform
  • EN54-23 VADs conform to the Equality Act 2010 with configurable intensity settings
  • Aesthetically pleasing and suitable for any type of environment

S-Quad System Benefits

A combined Multi-sensor, Speech, Sounder and visual alarm in one intelligent, discreet device providing a safe and cost effective solution for most applications.

The S-Quad sensors inherit all the advantages of Vigilon’s powered loop combined with extra features, making Vigilon and S-Quad an industry leading combination for fire detection and alarm signalling.

Life Safety First

  • Sensor options detect combinations of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide
  • Intelligent gas sensing technology monitors the concentration of carbon monoxide in the environment for early detection of a potential fire hazard
  • The stored voice messages within the sensor allow specific instructions to be conveyed to ensure a safe, controlled evacuation

Put an End to False Alarms

  • The combined power of the sensor and the Vigilon panel provides quick and intelligent decision making. S-Quad incorporates four separate sensing elements – heat, carbon monoxide, optical (forward and backward) scatter
  • Patented, dual angle optical forward and backward scatter allows the system to distinguish between smoke, steam and dust
  • Day and night timed sensor ‘states’ can be programmed to improve the response to real fires and reduce the number of false alarms. Any of the sensing can be set at different sensitivity levels, depending on the application

Optical Scatter

  • An infra red beam is deflected by the particles in the chamber and results in rays scattered in many directions. The ratio of forward and backward scatter indicates the type of particles present

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

  • This sensor is effective at detecting smouldering fires. This technology allows S-Quad to be immune to false alarms caused by dust, steam and insects

Save Time and Money

  • Comprehensive range of analogue addressable fire sensors all within ONE device
  • Supported and powered on the Vigilon Loop – only one set of terminations and one cable required for multi-sensor, sounder, speech and visual alarm functionality
  • Increased loop alarm load capable of powering 200 sensor-sounders or 100 sensor-sounder VADs
  • Built-in short circuit isolators in every device
  • Monitored input facility – fire, fault, non-fire – reduces the installed cost of the system and reduces the need for separate interfaces
  • Monitored repeat LED output
  • Loop powered installation incorporating S-Quad requires no additional interfaces or extra monitored sounder circuits
  • S-Quad’s intelligent design ensures quick and simple installation with more wiring space within the base

10 Reasons to specify S-Quad

1 LPCB Approved
The S-Quad sensors are EN54 compliant and LPCB
approved to meet all requirements of the Construction
Products Directive.

Advanced Sensing Technology
Coupled with integral sounder, speech capability and visual alarm in one
intelligent device provides the UK’s most innovative solution to the
detection and signaling of fires.

Rapid Fire Detection
Four separate sensing elements including CO can be set with individual sensitivity levels
and sensor ‘states’ can be programmed for different time periods to suit all applications and

Minimal False Alarms
The combined power of S-Quad and Vigilon panel provides quick, intelligible decision
making. The S-Quad dual angle optical sensor recognises a clear distinction between smoke
and steam.

Saves Lives
The S-Quad range incorporates intelligent heat and gas sensing technology to allow the
early detection of fires, which are known to be particularly hazardous to building occupants.

Safe Evacuation
Voice messaging capability through the sounder functionality ensures quick and safe evacuation in the event of a fire.

Cost Savings
S-Quad provides four functionalities within one device supported by 2-wire loop Vigilon system, with built-in isolators in every device.

Compliance with the Equality Act 2010
Built-in high intensity EN54-23 VAD warns those with hearing difficulties of a potential fire hazard – now a legal requirement in all public buildings.

Monitored Line Input / Output Option
Output can be used for a remote LED. Input can have a separate identity to the sensor although they share the same electronic address.

Peace of Mind
All Gent fire products are designed to be compatible with the same successful Vigilon platform and supported by a UK wide network of Approved System Integrators.