Addressable Fire Alarm Control System

AW-FP100 (addressable fire alarm control system))

Addressable Fire Alarm System

AddressableAn  Fire Alarm System is a combination of fire detectors, alarms, and other devices that are connected to a central control panel. The alarm system has an address or location that is used for the detectoion of Fire, smoke, etc. An addressable fire alarm system uses intelligent programming system that is used to assign an address to each fire detector device installed on the system. This address enables the detectors to identify fire area. Most of the types of Fire Alar systems that are used in business are addressable alarm systems and conventional alrm system.

Use of Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable fire alarm systems can be used in high rise areas, commercials, Organizations, Buildings, Halls, Offices and other wider areas. The device comes in different size and quality.

Fire Alarm System in Pakistan

In Pakistan,  the Universal Fire Protection  provides all types of Fire Alarm Systems in all over Pakistan. Our head offices are located in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. For further inquiries, you can contact us via below quotation link or direct calling.