AKRONEX CO2 Fire Extinguisher System

AKRONEX CO2 Fire Extinguisher System in Pakistan: AKRONEX CO2 Fire Extinguisher System in Pakistan: Carbon dioxide is a colourless, scentless and non-conductive gas that can effect quickly and efficiently into the protected area. Its density is about 50% higher than. the air density. During extinguishing, it is seen like a white mist. It does not make residue on the materials or affect adversely the materials. Reduces the […]

AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression Systems

AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression Systems: Universal Fire Protection Deals AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression System in Pakistan. We Provide Inert Fire Suppression Systems at a very low price in Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi

17Aug, 2019

AKRONEX 227 Fire Suppression Systems

AKRONEX 227 Fire Suppression Systems: Automatic Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems control the danger that can occur due to fire and protect all the equipment in the protected area without any damage. It allows using various detection methods according to ambient conditions of enclosed volumes. The smoke detector, heat detector, rate of rising heat detector, linear type heat detector, flame detector or spark detector can […]

FM200 fire tube suppression system

FM200 fire tube suppression system in Pakistan: Universal Fire Protection Deals With FM200 fire tube suppression system in Pakistan

Wei Tech Explosion-Proof Fire Fighting Robot

Explosion-Proof Fire Fighting robot can shoot water the length of a football field (85m at 1.2Mpa) It can be remotely controlled up to 3 Kms in line of sight, 500m when there is an obstruction. The robot is fitted with heat eye detection, though infrared thermal imaging to monitor and track of heat source. The strong crossing and climbing ability ensures the machine can counter different terrains. The […]

Flanged OS&Y gate valve China

Flanged OS&Y gate valve : Flanged OS&Y gate valve: Gate valve is bi-directional isolating valves, and it opens by lifting a round or rectangular gate out of the path of water flow. When fully open, the gate valve has no obstruction in the flow path, resulting in very low friction loss. The actuator of the gate valve connects either rising steam (outside screw and yoke, OS&Y) […]

Flanged swing check valve China

Swing Check valve, also known as a non-return valve, one-way valve, is used to allow water to flow through it in only one direction, and it works automatically without any external control. The disc swings off the seat to permit forward flow or swing on the seat to block reverse flow. It typically applies for the fire pipelines between water main and private fire service […]

Pendent Sprinkler System China

A fire sprinkler is fitted at the end of the pipeline to spray water for extinguishing or suppressing the fire. A pendant sprinkler protrudes and hangs down from the ceiling. It comes with a water deflector at the bottom, so the water coming out of the orifice shoots downward. The pendant sprinkler System is widely used in the office or home buildings. Pendent Sprinkler System in Pakistan:

DDX Deluge Valve

Product Description : The Model DDX deluge valve is a hydraulic piston operated, mechanical type deluge valve. The valve is designed for use as a primary control valve in the deluge, preaction or special types of fire protection systems. Following the operation, the valve is able to be reset externally. When the side chamber of the Reliable Model DDX Deluge Valve is pressurized, hydraulic supply […]