PPE KIT DISPOSAL UNIFORM What Is COVID-19 Safety Uniform? COVID-19 Safety Uniform is a simple safety cloth that is used to prevent yourself from COVID-19 pandemic. It is made up of plastic and comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes. The safety uniform is the best source to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. According to WHO (World Health Organization), there are no specific vaccines [...]

Covid-19 Safety Gloves

Covid-19 Life Source Gloves Super Touch Gloves Examination Gloves What is Safety Gloves: Covid-19 Safety Gloves are an essential part of PPE (personal protective equipment). They are specially designed to protect hands from the COVID-19 pandemic. There are a variety of Safety gloves that exist like hand protection gloves, medical gloves for COVID-19, life source gloves, super touch gloves, examination gloves, etc. Importance of Safety [...]

covid 19 temperature checker

Premium Quality Thermometer-Penrui-JRT200 Infrared Thermometer (BERRCOM JXB-178)  Thermal Gun Thermometer

Covid 19 Safety Masks

SURGICAL FACE MASKS SURGICAL MASKS WITH NOSE PIN SURGICAL MASK WITHOUT NOSE PIN ONE STEP RAPID TEST 3M MASK WITH FILTER 3M MASK  WITHOUT FILTER KN95  MASKS WITH FILTER KN95 MASK WITHOUT FILTER FACE MASK 3M ORIGINAL 9041V What Is Mask ? The term "mask" is used for a face without a body, is an object normally worn on the face, and is used for [...]

Sanitizing Walkthrough Gate

use SENITIZER WALK THROUGH GATE A small intro on the discovery of sanitization gate Word sanitization means germs free as by cleaning or sterilizing. to make things less offensive by eliminating anything unwholesome, anything objectionable, incriminate that thing, etc. The combat against the Coronavirus pandemic is putting the whole world through its paces in these days. One of the Italian Company Giulio Barbieri Srl has [...]