What Is COVID-19 Safety Uniform?

COVID-19 Safety Uniform
is a simple safety cloth that is used to prevent yourself from COVID-19 pandemic. It is made up of plastic and comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes.
The safety uniform is the best source to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.
According to WHO (World Health Organization), there are no specific vaccines or medicines for COVID-19 so the only way to prevent yourself and your family is self-care.
For self-care, there are a lot of PPE Kit (personal protective equipment) exists and the Safety Uniform is one of them that we can use it.


Safety Uniform usage is used as normal clothes. It can be used in Hospitals, Medicine Shops, Offices, Organizations, etc.

Disposal Uniform price in Pakistan:

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How to buy Safety uniform:

We sell all types of Personal protective equipment including COVID-19 safety clothes, medical dress, Fire safety clothes, etc. Send your quotation about the product you needed and mention the product’s name and quantity. Our concerned person will respond to you shortly through email.

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