Fire Exit Doors

Fire Exit doors

Fire Exit doors

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Fire Doors (Saudi Aramco Approved)

As part of our continuous strive for innovation, Universal Fire Protection has launched its world class fire resisting doors and frames operation. The fire doors and frames are manufactured in a totally automated plant which employs computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines and thus ensures uniform quality and superb finish.

Universal Fire Protection fire doors are manufactured to comply with various architectural requirements. Universal Fire Protection’s fire rated doors are made of Cold Rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, or Stainless Steel.

These Fire Exit Doors are designed for areas where strength, stability and durability are priority. Typical applications include entrances to industrial premises, to shops service doors, to basements, to stairs wells and to elevator shafts. They are also widely used as dividing or external doors in electrical and petrochemical plants.

Types of Fire Doors on the basis of insulation

PSD: Polyurethane Steel Door
RSD: Rock Wool Steel Door
CSSD: Ceramic Stiffened Steel Door (UL Listed)