09Apr, 2017

FM 200 System

Automatic Extinguisher Panel

C-TEC’s Automatic Extinguisher panel is based on the well-proven FP 2 zone fire panel. Cost-effective and easy-to-install, the panel can be configured to trigger automatically when both of its detector circuits are in a ‘fire’ condition or manually via its manual release circuit. An adjustable timer is provided to delay the extinguishant from firing for up to 120 seconds or, alternatively, instantaneous release can be selected via a secure link inside the panel.
A new Environmental Sensor Board, the BF384H, can also be connected to the panel for use in remote monitoring situations where adverse environmental sensing is required, e.g in mobile phone out stations (contact our sales desk for further details).

Lift-off lid for easy first fix and straightforward maintenance
Panel LEDs give comprehensive overview of system status
Separate manual zone facility
Coincidence relay gives changeover voltage free contacts
Adjustable time delay
Freeze timer function (stops and then resumes timer count)
Reset timer function
Manual timer override facility
Fully isolatable
True battery monitoring circuit
Keyswitch control changes system status from manual to
Comprehensive operation instruction on front lid
Overseas variants (subject to quantities)

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E&OE. The manufacturer of this equipment operates a policy of continuous improvement and reserves the right to alter product specifications at its discretion and without prior notice.
Keyswitch operated
• Reset/Resound/Test Zone Lamps
• Silence Alarm Sounders
• Silence Fault Sounders
• Evacuate
(A second keyswitch changes the system
from Manual to Automatic/Manual)
• Engineer’s one man test
• Zone Isolate
• Revert to short circuit = fire (no
resistors in call points)
• Isolate extinguishant firing circuit
• Instant manual extinguishant firing
• Timed manual extinguishant firing
• Timer adjustment for above, 7-120
• Sounder Fault
• Battery/Power Supply Fault
• Mains On
• Zone Fire
• Zone Fault
• Extinguisher Activated
• Extinguisher Timer Running
• Extinguisher Isolated
• Extinguisher Fault/Gas Gone
• Manually Activated
• Manual
• Automatic/Manual
• Open circuit zone fault
• Short circuit zone fault
• Zone isolated
• Engineer Test Selected
• Manual release circuit
• Open circuit fault
• Detonator circuit is open circuit or
fuse blown
• Low pressure and/or gas gone
• Two sounder circuits
• Voltage free changeover contacts
on alarm (use for first stage fire
• Auxiliary 24 VDC (may be removed
on alarm 100mA max)
• Coincidence second stage sounder
output 250mA max continuous
• Auxiliary manual indicator output
for remote LED indication
• Auxiliary automatic indicator
output for remote LED indication
• Changeover contacts on start of
time delay. Voltage free contacts
• Changeover contacts on activation
of extinguishant release circuit
• Voltage free contacts
• Automatic circuits 1 & 2. For
conventional smoke detectors.
Open and short circuit fault
• Low pressure gas gone. For
normally open pressure switches on
the extinguishant pipework. Open
and short circuit fault monitored
• Manual release circuit. Open circuit
monitored release circuit for
manual call points or similar
normally open switches
• Remote automatic/manual
automatic keyswitch allows multiple
connection of remote keyswitches
• Reset timer to zero. For normally
open momentary switches. When
released the timer starts again
• Stop timer. For normally open
momentary switches. When
released the timer continues from
where it was stopped
• Sturdy connector block in back of
• Dos and don’ts information around
• Terminals unplug from the circuit