Sanitizing Gate

Sanitizing Gate

Sanitizing gate also called sanitizer walkthrough tunnel is a safety disinfectant tunnel used to prevent from covid-19 virus. Before entering into a market, shopping mall, mosque, office or hall, People walk throughout a ‘sanitizing gate’ spraying disinfectant due to covid-19. The sanitizer gate/ sanitizer tunnel insures a safe entry for people, specifically for those working in organization. It is very necessary for a company/ organization to prevent staff from COVID-19. Everyone should have to pass through sanitizer gate before entering in the office.

The tunnel is an automatic system that sprays disinfectant liquid when someone walkthrough it.
It uses sensors to detect a person and starts spraying when it gets signal from sensors.

Sanitizing Gate/ Sanitizing Tunnel Specification

  • Size: 4ft x 4ft x 7ft
  • Structure Ms Construction
  • Flex Branding
  • 5 Nozzle
  • Fine MIST System with 12 volt Pump
  • 350 Liters liquid tank with base frame
  • Manual activation {push timer button}

How does it work

  • A person enters in the tunnel.
  • Sensor detects human
  • Spray Machine takes sanitizing liquid from water tank to nozzles
  • Nozzles then sprays the liquid over human body.
  • The amount of liquid to be sprayed can be controlled
  • This process is repeated when another person enters in the tunnel.

In Pakistan, we provide manual sanitizing gate, automatic sanitizing gate and and other COVID-19 safety items throughout the country at cheapest rate. Size and color of the gate/tunnel can be change as per demand.

sanitization gate

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