Sanitizing Walkthrough Gate


A small intro on the discovery of sanitization gate

Word sanitization means germs free as by cleaning or sterilizing.
to make things less offensive by eliminating anything unwholesome, anything objectionable, incriminate that thing, etc.

The combat against the Coronavirus pandemic is putting the whole world through its paces in these days. One of the Italian Company Giulio Barbieri Srl has brought up a new solution aimed at containing the contagion- the Sanitary Gate, a tunnel for disinfection and sanitation with an integrated hydraulic system for the destruction of germs.

Sanitization Gate- The tunnel Or a way for sanitization to combat with Covid-19 pandemic

It can be defined as :

“A disinfection or sanitization walkthrough tunnel with an integrated hydraulic system for the dispersion.


Atomization of any biocides and virucides.”


Applications of Sanitization Gate

Sanitization walkthrough Gate sprays disinfectant on the person who passes through this passage or a tunnel.
Inside, an absorbent mat submerges the disinfecting or sanitizing substance, thus ensuring that even the surfaces in contact with the ground are thoroughly cleaned.

The applications of walkthrough gate are countless, starting from the simple sanitation of people at the entrance to supermarkets, ports, airports, railway stations, hospitals, and any other highly frequented area.
Even public and private companies can sanitize their employees in a few moments it is very helpful to save time or disinfect the equipment and goods in a short time before they are introduced into the plants, helping to maintain a high level of hygiene and a healthy environment at all times.

How Does Sanitization Tunnel For COVID 19 Works? 

The disinfectant spray gate is rig out with, internal arc-shaped atomizing nozzles that drench the environment. It also used to prevent discrimination and dispersion.  When a person walkthrough on it, It sprays the disinfectant chemical over the person with the help of sensors. sanitization walkthrough tunnel

Sanitizer Walkthrough Gate Price

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