Strobe Sounder

strobe sounder
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What is strobe sounder?

Strobe Sounder  is an active Fire Protection Equipment of a Fire Alarm System The strobe Sounder  use audible, Environment to alert the Fire Fighter’s of a fire or other emergency condition requiring action. Audible appliances like Strobe Sounder have been in use longer than any other method of notification.Likely today the most of Audible  appliances Like Strobe Sounder produces sound pressure.It ranges from 45 and 120 decibles at 10 feet

The primary function of the Strobe Sounder  (The Fire notification appliance) is to alert persons at risk.

The Strobe Sounder  Alerting methods include:

  • Sound (audible signals)
    • 3 kHz / 3100 Hz tone (high frequency).Which is Mostly Used in many current notification devices/Equipment’s.
    • 520 Hz (low frequency).This low frequency Signals are Used in newer notification devices.

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