21Sep, 2019

Time Attendance

A time attendance machine is an electronic device used to monitor and track employee’s time. It enables an employer to monitor when an employee starts and stops their work.

In the early days, the employer was keeping their employees record manually in a register but now you don’t need to keep employee’s attendance manually as the device does it automatically for you.
It is used in Offices, Companies, Banks, Universities, Colleges, and Schools.
The device has software integrated into it which is used to track the time of employees. It comes in different shapes, qualities, and sizes.

How to use Time Attendance

The use of this is very easy and it just requires an employee to touch and record their working hours as he/she enters or leaves the office/working area.
Once a person touches the device’s screen, the system will store their time in a database. After that, the supervisor then can see the time of employees.

Time attendance system is widely used in Pakistan, as an emerging technology.
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