Wheeled|Trolley Foam Extinguisher

trolley foam fire Extinguisher
Trolley Foam Fire Extinguisher

Model Number: MJPZ100 
Agent: RED
Item name: 100KG TROLLEY foam fire extinguisher fire fighting equipment
Cylinder Color: Red painting
Tamper sealing: Plastic in Yellow, Green, Red available
Hose: PVC hose with an aluminum nozzle
Valve: Chrome valve with red handle
Belt: PVC belt in 570mm length
Safety pin: Stainless steel
Working Pressure: 14bar
Testing pressure: 27bar

Description: The Wheeled | Trolley Foam Extinguisher is a Fire Extinguisher  that contains wheeled trolly that is used for transporting the cylinder(consist of fire extinguishing chemicals). It’s highly easy to transport as it has wheel trolly.

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